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The Orchard
Angel Food Cake 
digital program

Please click the image for The Orchard digital program


Please click the image for Angel Food Cake digital program

From the Artistic Director

Four years ago, when Evan Mueller and I founded Strange Sun our goals were to create work we liked, to give room for artists we appreciated to make good work, and to enjoy ourselves doing it.  Four years later Strange Sun has emerged as a company dedicated to taking risks on new artists, as well as a place to explore new work and give it full production life onstage.  


Almost two years ago we had the great good fortune to get a script called Angel Food Cake from a first time playwright—through Strange Sun’s first open submissions process. Angel Food Cake is the first play to have gone through Strange Sun’s Greenhouse Project, a 3 phase stewarding of new work onto stage.  Our goal from the start has been to take plays through readings and workshops and come out the other end with a fully produced play.


As I was scheduling a time for us to produce Angel Food Cake I got to thinking- the cost of renting space is so high in NYC- maybe two shows, two shows at once.  And the idea for our first rep season was born.  The idea was two plays, in conversation with each other, exploring similar themes in disparate ways.  Then came the idea of a newly adapted classic, paired with our soon-to-be classic play.  Sean Leo had a concept for The Cherry Orchard, another play about homecoming.  And off we went. That was one year ago, almost to the day.  And now here we are, having built two full homes in one theater, with two beautiful plays up on their feet, ready for the world.  Magic.  


Home is a loaded word.  For many it brings up idyllic images of family, a place of comfort and belonging.  For others, a place they longed to escape. And sometimes it’s a bit of both. 


Thank you for coming- and I hope you enjoy our shows. 

- Jessica Bashline

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