Strange Sun Theater is committed to bringing artistic opportunities through Internships and Mentorships for students interested in looking beyond the stage and exploring other aspects of making theater. Our programs, for young people from middle school through college, are a chance to actively engage the next generation of theater goers in a world that is too often a passive experience.  


Theater making is dynamic and exciting and we encourage our participants to bring their creative energy and ideas to the discussion.  Strange Sun’s various programs are a wonderful opportunity to discover how theater gets made, through exposure to the business and creative practice of theater making specific to New York City. We encourage students to explore new strategies, and outside the box thinking, as they learn about a medium that is at once full of history and on the edge of great change.


As a companion to our on going intern and mentorship opportunities, Strange Sun also offers a Junior Leadership Board, for those interested in staying involved with the company and being active part of our future seasons.


In addition to work on our stages, Strange Sun theater also works within schools and organizations to create dynamic theater based programming to serve their community. Theater has historically been a vital voice in public dialogue, and our goal at Strange Sun is to invite a new generation to add to that dialogue, and bring their voice to the table.


Interested in working with Strange Sun?

Email us with the subject line "Mentorship", as well as a bit about yourself and why you are excited to work with us?